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CAPEEM’s membership fee is $5 and membership is subject to approval from CAPEEM’s Board of Directors. In order to pay the fee and apply for membership, please send a check for $5 payable to CAPEEM and mail it to our address, or please click the button below to make the payment online using a credit card or your paypal account. If you wish to make an additional tax deductible donation, please add it to the membership fee and fill in the total amount when you make the payment.

By joining CAPEEM, you acknowledge that you are aware of the activities of CAPEEM, are aware that you personally will not have any liability in any lawsuit filed by CAPEEM, and hereby authorize CAPEEM to represent you and your children in lawsuits that are consistent with CAPEEM’s purpose.

The email id below is for CAPEEM to be able to contact you and does not have to match the email id you use to login to your Paypal account. Please be sure to check the box on the next page on PayPal’s site that says ‚ÄúPlease share my mailing address with CAPEEM.”

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